Thursday, March 7, 2013

~all kinds of crazy~

i've been trying to upload the above picture to
for the past week.  and it isn't working.
i'll select the picture, crop it, chose whatever fancy enhancement i want.
and then blank.
my phone goes to its home screen.


new appliance shopping this weekend!
i'm excited, but totally wish i was doing something more fun like
with my bonus money.
rather than something so adult like.


i gave up on
life of pi.
i'm now reading
so funny.


can someone please explain to me the whole
Hash tag (#)
because i don't get it.
#feeling stupid


the floor in our bathroom is super slippery.
i don't like it.


i've been trying to grow out my bangs.
any tips?


the last night of 5280 is tomorrow.
we're going to linger!
i'm so excited.  i've had these reservations for about 2 months now!


my parents leave for hawaii on saturday.
i wish i was going with them.
well really, i wish chris and i were going with them, but that we were doing our own thing, and they were just paying for it all.
that's what i really wish.


looks like it'll be another
on saturday!
i think i want to bake.
what should i bake?


don't forget to set your clocks
one hour saturday night!
hello sunshine!


Summer said...

When I grow out my bangs, I stop styling them (because I always have bad split ends and breakage). I pull them back every day instead. Also, take a pre-natal vitamin. It makes my hair grow faster! AND get them cut every 3-4 months. My hair is way healthier when I keep up on hair cuts.

Whats 5280? I'm too lazy to follow the links.

I agree with the Hawaii trip. Have your parents pay for me and Tyler too. ;)

April said...

5280 is another name for Denver Restaurant week. You get to go out to eat for two for $52.80. It's usually a 3 or 4 course meal, and pretty much all popular Denver area restaurants participate. Super fun and super good food! It lasts for about two weeks, and it's always the end of February/beginning of March.

Emily Foley said...

When I'm growing out my bangs I use a clip to pin them to the side of else I twist them in the middle and pull them back with a small amount of hair form the top with a tiny rubber band.

I would be sooo excited about the new appliances! But I'm at home a lot and appliances are exciting to me.

Do you have a rug in the bathroom?

I can't for the life of me figure out what people like about Life of Pi. But I agree, Bossypants was hilarious.

A hashtag is a way to combine things into one place. Like if you are watching a tv show (say "The Bachelor) they'll put up a hashtag in the corner of your tv screen that says #truelove. Then if you're tweeting or instagramming about the show, you add the hashtag #truelove at the end and then whoever searches that hashtag will see all of the tweets or pictures about that one thing. I use hashtags as a joke because I don't really care if my picture "trends" so I make them really long and ridiculous to be funny. But all of my pictures of Zoe have the hashtag #zoegirl so that I can search that hashtag and see all of the pictures of just her. Does that make sense?

April said...

Emily, I can't tell you how excited I am about the new appliances! Love 'em. they are fancy and pretty and beautiful and stainless steel!

We have THREE rugs in the bathroom. And those slide across the floor too. well two of 'em do.