Tuesday, February 12, 2013

question of the week:

it's that time of year.
the time everyone is celebrating love.  shades of pink and red everywhere.  like Christmas, but more romantic.  a silly holiday that is really for the ladies.  a reason to get spoiled and to have unreasonable expectations.  but i can't help but feel that we dream up these lavish ideas in our heads because isn't that what we think we are worth?  and don't we want our men to think we are worth just as much, if not more?!  but alas, life is not a fairytale. 


i'm so happy to be in love.  to celebrate this cheesy holiday as a wife for the first time.  granted it will be just another day, but it will be a day to embrace and love just like every other day.  while i was thinking about valentine's day, i was thinking about love, and what loving chris has taught me, along with receiving his love.  unconditional love is an amazing thing.  and a type of love that prior to chris i had really only experienced from a few family members. 
this may sound silly, but chris loves me.  like, truly, really loves me.  it's such a great love, that sometimes i have a hard time fully accepting it. 
his love has taught me patience.  his love has taught me acceptance.  his love has taught me that it's ok to move forward, and look fondly at my past. 
my love for him has taught me that he was well worth the wait and questioning.  my love for him has taught me that i have so much more to look forward to. 
it's weird thing, this thing called love.  i know i've learned so much more since i've started loving chris and since he has started loving me.  and i know i still have so much more to learn about our love.  i'm so excited and blessed to keep our love growing and to see where it'll take us.
so i ask you,
what has your love taught you?

happy valentine's day!


Summer said...

That love isn't an emotion, it's a choice. Falling in love is an emotion, staying in love takes hard work, dedication, and service.
However, the rewards for choosing love are much greater than the rewards for just feeling in love.
Man, sometimes I write that stuff and I feel like I'm a million years old.

Andrea Lane said...

Love has taught me to be strong and understand that nothing is perfect… not even love. Love has taught me to appreciate what’s in front of my face even when my heart and mind are focused on the past or the future.