Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Puzzle Pieces

I’ve known all day that I was going to work-out tonight. I’ve spent all day thinking about what to write about. But I honestly I feel like I really don’t have anything to say. On Facebook and in the blogging world I see a lot of people giving thanks and stating the things they are appreciative of with the month of thanksgiving here. But right now I feel thankful for so many things, I just don’t know what to even begin.

Right now a lot of things are in the works. I feel like my life is a puzzle right now. And all of the pieces are currently separated trying to come together to make a perfect picture. But like puzzles, the pieces can’t be forced together, and you have to try and see what works. You have to be patient and what for that magic “click” to happen, of where two pieces come together. It takes time and strategy to put the whole thing together. In this particular instant it isn’t necessarily up to me, to get the pieces put together. It’s life. It’s exciting, and nerve-racking. I’m trying to have faith that all the pieces will be formed how they are meant to, and working and not questioning the order in which the pieces come together, or worrying about what pieces may fall off all together. Having faith knowing that not all pieces are going to be able to fit, and being content with the ones that do fall off.

That is my current challenge. Being patient and not worrying. Being truly thankful for what I do have. Although easier said than done, when your brain is thinking about all possibilities, all the things that could go good and all of the things that could go bad. It’s hard to just shut down.

I’m definitely living an emotional high right now. And that makes it even harder to not get carried away, and to not want everything right now.

So, right now my focus is to just breath, and to try and take comfort that all the pieces will come together when and how they should.

treadmill 15min/barbell strength 60min


the emily said...

I love this post, April. Such a perfect analogy. I hope it all comes together just right for you. Me? Puzzles always seem to be missing a piece or two when I finish. :)

sarahlove said...

It will all fit together right at the perfect moment. That's the way it should happen.... when it's meant to be.