Sunday, November 13, 2011

pieces falling

date night: going to see The Lion King
the week has been a long one! one big factor about this time of year is all of the time off. i get two days off for thanksgiving, two days off for christmas, and one day off for new year's. three big holidays super close together. and well you get spoiled, because on top of the holidays you have your vacation time to use, because if i don't use my time by 12/31 i lose it. so i have scattered days off between now and the end of the year and one of the pleasures in this is not working a full five day work week. last week i had to work a full five day work week, and it was just long.
with working the "long" week, visiting one of Chris' friends in the hospital, finding out that we're staying in denver (for now), having a midweek date night to the Lion King, planning next week with back to back visitors, and now ending the week (or starting the week, depending on how you want to look at it) with a back's just been sorta crazy.
the big piece that feel into place this week was finding out that we are staying in denver (for now). it's a lot to get into for the unknown, so i don't really see a reason to get into it. so i'll just say there was a possibility that we were gonna move to CA. but as of right now no big move is happening. it was exciting, nerve-racking, and stressful all at the same time. but now we know it isn't going to happen. so holiday plans can be made, and we can just stay calm and carry on!
it's hard trying to decide what to put out there in the blog world. more and more i'm struggling with this. i don't take what i write lightly and now majority of what i do write has to do with another person. so that makes is hard, because this isn't his blog, it's my blog, but he is in my life, and my blog is about my life. i digress.
moving on. this morning in strike! we were doing an interval. and i hurt my back. i'm thinking i pulled a muscle, and chris says i do have a rather large knot in my lower back. it sucks. right after it happened i paced back and forth a little bit, then realized i just needed to leave, but i wasn't even about to bend down to get my water bottle, and was thankful for denise who got it for me. hopefully i'll heal quickly because being in pain like this sucks because i feel like i just can't get comfortable. so i really only got a half a workout in because the happened about half way through strike, but i'm still going to count it.
and now i just feel like a bum, which isn't good especially since i have a house guest coming tomorrow, then another set of guests coming on wednesday. and i really need to clean, de-clutter, do laundry, make beds etc... i guess i'm thankful that the guests that are coming don't really care how clean (or dirty) my place is, but still i want it to be clean.
and since this post is a little random, and because the bronco game just ended: Go BRONCOS!!!


reflections said...

Go see a chiro. It sounds like a slipped disk, which is how my problems started. The VAST majority heal. I would get to a chiro that has a medical grade TENS machine, asap and you may need physical therapy!!!

the emily said...

Oh back pain is the worst! I'm so sorry, April. I hurt my back shortly after Noah was born and saw a chiropractor about 8 times. I don't feel like anything she did helped, but I did get better after a lot of time, I hope you do too.

Nikki said...

Hope those days off will help you heal!!!! Love you!