Sunday, October 30, 2011

the last four weeks

things have been super busy. it seems to be a trend. i'm ready for things to slow down, although that seems doubtful seeing as the holidays are literally right around the corner.
april's pedicure party!
sara, april, me, brandi, denise, kristina, nicole, and stacy
trip to my first ever pumpkin patch with a corn maze!

colbie caillat concert
we finally put our outdoor chimenia to use
we did lots of driving between branson, mo and horseshoe bend, ar
in branson, mo
in batesville, ar
i think that covers the weekends since we got back from albuquerque. details are of course, fourth coming!


Rachel said...

holy smokes, you are busy! :-) looks like great times all over the place!

Sarahlove said...

You lOok super busy but mostly super happy!!!

the emily said...

You look gorgeous at that concert! Also, you're a traveling FOOL! I love it.

Anonymous said...

So, happy when you are able to blog. Just love the smiles . . . all around!! Love and miss you, MOM