Sunday, October 16, 2011

ABQ trip

Two weekends ago Chris and I were in Albuquerque. It was a short trip, but we definitely did a lot with our time. We got in on a Friday afternoon and we to dinner at Papa Felipe's with my parents. YUM! From there we went home and cleaned up the back patio for a family dinner planned for the next night. Chris spent some one on one time with my dad watching TV while I colored my mom's hair.
Saturday morning I got Chris out of bed to head to the Balloon Fiesta. I was really looking forward to this as this was my first experience taking someone to this event who had never been. On top of that the weather was perfect, and that morning a world record was broken with 345 balloons up in the air in 60 minutes! Chris enjoyed it, and loved taking pictures.

After the early morning fun, we met my cousin Kari and her husband Larry from some breakfast. Followed by some errands around town we got home in time to relax a little, help my mom get ready for dinner, then off to church.
Saturday night my mom planned a family dinner for everyone to meet Chris and have a little continued birthday celebration for Chris and start an early birthday celebration for my mom.
Cousins: Kari, me, and Cheryl
my mom and I (she had a couple of glasses of wine!)
sisters: Kathleen, Deanna
Patty, Michelle, and my mom Barbara
Chris and my mom and yummy birthday cakes!!
Sunday we went to brunch with my friend's Michelle and Jill. It was a lot of fun.
We did a lot in a short amount of time, and everyone loved Chris! I was impressed as Chris definitely got in some good quality time everywhere and with everyone. He spent time with both of my parents individually. On Saturday he ate out on the patio with us girls, then spent sometime inside with the guys watching sports. Just like one of the family!
I sadly missed the Race for the Cure 5k in Denver. Honestly it was difficult decision to go on this trip and not do this race. The Race for the Cure is my race. It was my thing, and I believe it was that race that got me started on my healthiness journey 3 years ago. I had planned that the race would be an annual tradition. Hopefully next year. Going to Albuquerque with Chris was a great experience. And I think spending Christmas there will be great!
strike! 60min


sarahlove said...

Nice job on your moms hair! WOW! Loved the smiles in all the pictures and I enjoyed seeing Chris having his arm around your moms shoulder. That indicative of many good things!!

Don't feel down about your tradition. It will be there next year and Chris will be there cheering you on this time!!

Rachel said...

Looks like such a great weekend! I'm hoping to get my girlies to the balloon fiesta one of these years, they would LOVE it! I'm sorry you missed your race, I know it's important to you. But what a great reason to miss it, if you ask me!!! :-)

the emily said...

Looks like an awesome weekend. I so wish I had been there to meet him and see you!