Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmastime 2016

Giving Papa and Bennett a ride

out showing Helena Christmas lights

making sugar cookies

Bennett is ready to open presents!

playing with Grandmasita

they love each other

rolling under the tree

Christmas in Kearney

she loves her Auntie Alice

helping Great Grandma open presents

Christmas morning

Helping Grandpa

playing at the Children's Museum

Giving Grandpa a check-up

the famous wagon ride!
We had two Christmases this year.  One with my parents the week before Christmas and one with my in-laws at their house in Kearney, NE.
My parents came down the week before Christmas.  We made sugar cookies, went looking at lights, and opened presents!  It was a lot of fun, and the kids had a blast!
And of course Helena and Bennett got spoiled.
The Thursday before Christmas we started on the 13 hour journey to Kearney.  I was not looking forward to this drive.  I don't like driving 3 hours to Albuquerque so planning for this trip wasn't fun for me.  We only did 6 and half hours each day so we stayed in a hotel coming and going, so it took us 2 days to get to our final destination.  It just sucks, because traveling from one small town to another small town, there is just no easy way.  We were on small state highways the whole time driving slowing down every hour or so to drive through another small town.  So the drive just goes slow.  Plus driving for a total of 4 days to only be there for 5 days.  But we had a good time, as usual the atmosphere at my in-laws is just so relaxing.  My MIL made home cooked meals each night and we just enjoyed the company.  The first night was really hard for Helena as she didn't have a place to sleep.  So her and Chris slept out in the living room.  For the rest of the trip Helena slept in Great-Grandma's room, while Great-Grandma slept downstairs.  Helena and Bennett enjoyed daily wagon rides, and Helena got to bake cookies with Grandma.  Bennett got lots of love from everyone!  Chris and I even got a night out.  We went to the Kearney Children's Museum.  Overall it was a fun trip!  And of course Helena and Bennett got spoiled.  Helena got an amazing owl recliner and Bennett got fun toys!
We thankfully had no weather to worry about on the drive, and Chris did some of the driving home which I appreciated.
We got home to spend the New Year as a family.  I usually love to stay up until midnight but I just couldn't hang and rang in the new year asleep in my bed.

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