Monday, August 22, 2016

Life Lately

i have so many things i need to write about, but my thoughts are just not organized and i need to get something off of my chest.  so this well be a post all over the place.

helena's been in her big girl bed since friday night.  it was horrible putting it together and caused me to leave the house unannounced to chris and two crying babies.  night time as proven to be easier than nap time.  i say this just because today is the first day i've put her down for her nap and she still isn't sleeping (i'll need to go get her in 30 minutes).  saturday we decided to go to las cruces (an hour away) for dinner and when we came to wake her from her nap she immediately said "mommy daddy go on date night?"  i assume this was because i was wearing a skirt.  i guess when we go on a date i wear skirts?  it was pretty cute.

i'm so over the hot.  it is so hot here.  there are no splash pads, in fact the huge improvement the city did make this summer: covered parks.  when we first moved here there was only one covered park.  now there are 5 or 6!  we have a bunch of water toys in the backyard, but we don't maintain the yard, and when helena was in the backyard a couple of weeks ago when my parents were visiting she got so many mosquito bites that i really don't want to take her back there.

bennett and helena have the same bedtime and it's so nice.

i've gotten obsessed with LuLaRoe.  i bought a few pieces back in january, and now one of my best friends will be selling it, and that has just added to my obsession.

i'm doing ok with not breastfeeding.  expect when i read blog posts from 2 years ago about how much i loved nursing Helena.  then i get super sad.  i'm seriously entertaining the idea of having a 3rd child just so i can breastfeed.  speaking of a 3rd child, i would have a 3rd if i were younger.  and i hate that my age is such a factor.

helena finally fell asleep...20 minutes before i have to go get her up.  wonderful.

i just realized i never wrote about my night away without the kids.  at the beginning of the month i went on an overnight retreat for MOPS.  it was amazing.  it was great to be with other moms, to share stories, to pray, and just talk about the different paths we are on.  we went on a short "hike" to see a beautiful waterfall, we got our food cooked for us, and cleaned after.  it was a dream.

this months Younique kudos is so amazing.  beautiful makeup: eye shadow, eye liner, and lipstick.  plus it provides awareness on how to talk to your kids about sexual abuse.  so important.

i really like watching the olympics.  it's fun to watch something different.  did you see how hot the men's gymnastics team was?

helena has started going to a music class on thursdays.  it's super fun and reminds me of a class we did in denver.  in october i hope to take her to dance classes.

i've been so tired lately, and sick.  both kids had a running nose last week.  i had a sore throat over the weekend, and today i'm just super stuffy.

i'm still not used to doing laundry for 4 people.  it is probably one of the biggest adjustments.  when i bring all the dry clothes and dump them onto our bed to organize i still think to myself "i'm doing laundry for 4 people!"

i told chris yesterday "one of the things i hate most about my life right now: now taking a daily shower."  it's true.  it's weird how showering daily just used to be part of my normal life.  now it's like a luxury.  i don't even remember the last time i took a shower two days in a row.

bennett hates tummy time and therefore nowhere close to rolling over.  at this time 2 years ago helena was already rolling over.

i really hope to get a good nights sleep tonight.
just a cute picture from last week.  helena always asks for me to put bennett down in her crib (when she had a crib anyways).

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